Step-by-step Guide to Create a Web Calendar in JavaScript: Caleandar.js for Beginners

Caleandar.js is a light javascript library for creating a web calendar in browser, which is widely used in web applications. In this tutorial, we will implement a calendar with some steps using Caleandar.js.

create a javascript calendar using calendar.js

View calendar  demo

How to create a web calendar using Caleandar.js?

1.Import calendar theme css

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/theme2.css"/>

There are three calendar themes in this javascript, they are theme1.css, theme2.css, theme3.css.

2.Create a div to show calendar.

<div id="caleandar"></div>

3.Show calendar

var events = [
  {'Date': new Date(2020, 3, 6), 'Title': 'Doctor appointment at 3:25pm.', 'Link': function(){console.log('Reminder!');}},
  {'Date': new Date(2020, 3, 1), 'Title': 'New Garfield movie comes out!', 'Link': function(){alert("Better not miss the movie!");}},
  {'Date': new Date(2020, 3, 10), 'Title': 'UICodex', 'Link': ''},
var settings = {};
var element = document.getElementById('caleandar');
caleandar(element, events, settings);

You should notice:

When you are setting new date:

new Date(2020, 3, 6)

Months are: 0 – January, 1 – February, 2 – March, 3 –  April, … , 11 – December

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